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Register your cell phone

Students, faculty and staff, be sure to register your cell phone number in the campus directory to receive emergency text messages from the University. 

Visit https://acapps.unc.edu/account/update, enter your Onyen and password and list your cell phone number (for an SMS-capable phone number) in the Alert Carolina field. Unless your cell phone is provided and paid for by the University, your number will be treated as confidential information. Providing your number will not result in it becoming public, unless you choose to have your entry marked “public” and displayed in the online directory. The University will only send text messages for a test and in an emergency. You can register your cell number whenever you update your Onyen password or check your password expiration date.

Rave Guardian phone users may also rely on UNC Mobile – http://www.unc.edu/uncmobile – to provide updates from Alert Carolina with the current campus status and links to emergency numbers.

Users with Internet-enabled phones such as Blackberries, iPhones and Android devices may also rely on UNC Mobile – http://m.unc.edu  – to provide updates from Alert Carolina with the current campus status and links to emergency numbers, a free service available to everyone.

The University has implemented Smart911, a system that allows faculty, staff and students to register information they want campus police to have if they call 911 from their cell phones and the call goes directly to campus police or is routed to campus police from an off-campus 911 center. Smart911 is a free service. A joint program of the Department of Public Safety and the Division of Student Affairs, Smart911 builds on the technology of Rave Wireless, which the University uses to send emergency text messages, and which – through Guardian – provides GPS tracking for University cell phone users.

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